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Monday, July 16, 2007

Smart Moms Need to Know

3 Food Mistakes Even Smart Moms Make

Not Giving kids a choice.
Kids are more likely to eat healthy foods when they get to pick them out. They don’t want to be forced into eating them. When its time to shop, take your kids with you and let them find the vegetable, fruit and healthy snacks to try for the week.

2. Not offering a food because you assume he won’t eat it. Often children who are picky eaters have parents who simply did not expose them to enough variety. Your child may like sweet peas the first few times he tries them, but keep serving them in different ways, and you’ll be surprised what they start to enjoy.

3. Not allowing special treats. The forbidden fruit, tastes so sweet. Kids need to learn balance. And forbidding them from a certain treat makes them want it more. The occasional ice cream cone or candy bar will not hurt them. Allow some small treats and balance their diet the rest of the time.

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