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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fatigue and Iron

Have your kids been feeling tired lately? Lack of iron may be the culprit. Iron helps transport oxygen to the organs and muscles. Low iron causes lethargy, reduced immunity and makes it harder to remember things and learn new tasks.

However, too much iron can also be harmful. Men with too much iron are at an increased risk of gallstones, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Where is the iron I need?

Beans and Legumes

Chicken, beef, osyters, clams, and turkey

Fortified cereals and grains


How much do I need?

1 to 3 years old 7mg

4 to 8 years old 10mg

9 to 13 years old 8mg

14 to 18 years old (BOYS) 8-11mg

14 to 18 years old (GIRLS) 15mg

19 to 50years old (MALES) 8mg

19 to 50 years old (WOMEN) 18mg

Over 50 years old 8mg

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