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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Kids Can Eat Veggies and Love it!

These kid-friendly food strategies will have your child pulling you to the produce department for more.

When I became a mom, I was determined to raise my kids as healthy eaters. Unfortunately, things were difficult at best. At first, our norm was more like feeding in a frenzy, Between my son, who is clearly a ‘picky eater’, and my daughter, who will try anything and changes her mind constantly about what ‘she likes’; I about throw in the spatula every meal.

In time, with a little creativity and balance eating at our house was fun and fulfilling.
Children need to learn to eat a variety of foods so they can benefit from a variety of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are high nutrient, low calorie foods essential to a well balanced diet. The trick is getting your child to eat them. Here are the top 5 tips to try:

Start Now
The earlier in life the better; however, it is never too late to learn the pros and cons of the food we eat.

Eat Raw
Try cut up raw fruits and vegetables. Cooking sometimes deplete veggies of primary nutrients. Also, flavor changes from cooking make some vegetables less appetizing.

Do Dips
Kids love their dips. Provide a choice of low-fat dips in small side containers, and let the kids do the dipping. Low-fat melted cheeses, peanut butter or pureed fruit are some great taste choices.

Fun Food
Kids love to play with their food. Let them play and eat. Food can be fun. Try making a smiley face on whole grain bread with raisins for eyes, a green bean for the mouth, a cut carrot nose, all set on a spread of cream cheese. Or let your kids make Cool Kabobs. Give them a selection of fruits, cheese, meat, veggies and a marshmallow to choose from. Let them create what they eat.

Try, Try Again
Just because he says he doesn’t like something, does not mean you should not serve it. Kids eat what is available. Keep providing a variety of fruits and veggies in different combinations, eventually something will grab their taste buds. And remember, just as our tastes have changed over the years, so will your kids. Your job is to make it available to them to try.

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