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Monday, July 23, 2007

Exercise is for Everyone!

Whether you are an athlete or a parent chasing your toddler around, you need exercise!

The benefits of exercise are plenty. Exercise will lower blood sugar levels and strengthen your heart, increasing ‘good; cholesterol and reduces stress for anyone, young or old.

Are you too busy to exercise? Not interested? Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable in the middle of an aerobic class? These all are valid hurdles to your health. There are ways to include heart health exercise into your day, without becoming the next gym junkie.

First, exercise comes in many forms.
Walking the dog, taking the stairs, parking a distance for the store and walking in are some ways to add minutes of activity to your day. The minutes add up. Cleaning the house, playing with your kids, gardening, etc... You just got to move it!

Second, exercise comes at different times.
If you want to do the traditional exercises, long walks or runs, cardio machines, weight lifting, or aerobics; realize that the time of day to exercise is different for everyone. Some enjoy to expend their energy early in the day, others after work, and some use their lunch hour. The point is…Do it when you can!

Third, exercise is fun.
You are more likely to continue to make an effort to exercise if you like what you are doing. You may enjoy the comradity of people at the gym or the solace of walks on your own. Either way, it is what you like. Make time for you and what you like to do.


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