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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Don't Give Up - Don't Give In

It is so tempting when you encounter resistance from your kids about eating to back off or give up. Most of us will have to make some major changes in our buying, preparation, and eating habits if we're going to provide our families both nutritious and delicious foods. Those changes may not always go over smoothly with the very people we're trying to serve. But that's OK. They don't have to understand or even agree with what's for dinner.

Don't let grumbling, whining, or refusal to eat get in your way. Kids will eat when they're hungry, and when they're hungry enough, they'll eat whatever is available. All you have to do is make sure the right things are available. In the case of nutrition, the path of least resistance is the path to obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, sugar-related syndromes, diseases and illnesses, poor growth, pediatric hypertension, tooth decay, and a host of learning problems.

So never give up! Never surrender! It's worth the fight.

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