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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Handful of Health

I can count on one hand the five steps to family fitness. Following these simple steps together as a family will improve the health of each individual family member, as well as the family as a whole unit.

STEP 1 Eat nutrient full and wholesome foods
STEP 2 Allow treat foods
STEP 3 Limit electronic time
STEP 4 Move more
STEP 5 All family members follow Steps 1 through 4

What are nutrient full and wholesome foods?
Foods high in vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients and low in calories are wholesome foods.

What are considered treats?
High calorie and low nutritional value foods. Food that is processed, high in sugar or fat, or are not making a nutritional contribution to the diet should be used as treats.

How long is too long for electronic time?
Two hours a day tops for electronic or screen time is enough. That includes TV, computer and video games.

How much time a day do I have to move?
Each day aim for one hour of activity. The time doesn’t have to be all in one long hour shot. Break up bouts of activity through out the day. It all adds up!

Why can’t I do it my way, since I am the adult?
You are part of the family. And everyone must participate for consistency. You are also a role model. If you change the ‘rules’ for yourself, kids learn they can too. We have to teach our kids by example the importance of health.

The strength of family is tremendous. A family works best when everyone does their part to add to the whole. Help make your family as strong and healthy as they can be. It is all in your hands.

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