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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm Hungry!

I’m Hungry!

“I’m hungry.”
“But you just ate.”
“I’m still hungry. Can I have more? Please?”

It is against a parent’s nature to deny a child anything they really need, especially food. After all, food is essential to our survival. The food we serve our children is more than a biological necessity. It is an expression of love. So saying no to an extra helping is doubly hard: not only do we feel that we are depriving our children of something that they need to live, but we also feel that we are withholding love.

Where do we start? By eating foods that digest slowly, provide steady energy for our metabolism and satisfy our hunger for hours. Some examples are natural fruits and vegetables and whole foods, such as beans, nuts and fish. Hunger and the energy to run our metabolism are closely linked. When energy begins to fall, hunger rises so that we’ll eat and refuel. When energy is plentiful, hunger falls.

When kids eat high sugar, low nutrient foods, such as candy bars or chips, they get hungry again quicker. Satisfy your child’s hunger with nutrient dense foods that are low in sugar and high in fiber, such as apples and whole grain crackers. Keep fresh fruits and veggies cut up and ready to grab and go. If it is there they will eat it!

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