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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Feeding Other People's Children

"Mom, can Rachel eat over?" your sweet daughter says ten minutes before dinner while Rachel is standing just out of sight in the hallway. We'll leave the hospitality manners for another day, but today, you say "Yes, of course she can," but then quickly add, "Make sure she calls her mom first though to make sure it's okay."

Do you cringe when your child asks if a friend can eat lunch or dinner at your house? Do you panic when one of their friends spends the night and you're faced with feeding a complete stranger breakfast in the morning? Do you run out to the store to buy frozen chicken fingers, curly fries, soda, and cookie dough? Or do you punch the speed dial on your phone and order from Pizza House?

Too many of us fear rejection by these "little" people and make changes to our existing mealtime routines just to please them. Consistency is the key. Let your kids' friends see what it's like to live and eat in your house. Even if they don't like what you serve that night, they will see a family that enjoys eating together and values good nutrition. For all you know, what they eat at your house may be the only nutritious meal they'll eat all week. You can contribute to another child's well-being and development by not deviating from the balanced approach you use to feed your own kids.

Friend Friendly Recipe - Pot Luck Pizza
Let your kids and their friends decide what goes on these pizzas


Freezer bread or pizza dough
jar red or white sauce
anything you have left in the fridge you need to get rid of!
(deli meats and cheeses, hot dogs, black olives, jalapenos, whatever is "topping worthy")


Defrost dough completely
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Divide dough in half
Spray two round pizza pans (cookie sheets) with non stick spray
Spread dough evenly over both pans
Top each with your choice of sauce, cheese, and toppings
Bake for about 12 - 15 minutes
Allow to cool slightly before slicing

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