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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Summer is Coming!

Summer is Coming!: A great time to get active with your kids. The hectic school year schedule is over and with a more relaxed pace, you can help you child be healthy without all the “distractions’ and lack of time excuses from during the year.

Of course you want your kids to be healthy all the time. But, starting new healthy habits is a conscious effort on your part. And let’s face it, your busy. Summertime allows more time for most of us. It’s a time to relax, go on vacation and enjoy family time. Incorporating good health habits into your schedule is essential. Don’t be over whelmed, make each step one at a time through out the summer months and your family will be on their way to healthy future.

Start by looking at your role modeling skills. Believe it or not, it all starts with you!
Do you eat a well balanced diet daily?
Do you eat breakfast every morning?
Do you choose nutritious snacks?
Do you watch portion sizes on sweets and chips?
Are you physically active at least 30 minutes of each day?
Do you eat meals with your family at home?
Do you limit “screen time” such as TV or computer work to one or two hours a day?

Look first at what you are teaching your kids by your own example. Then get moving.
Healthy habits start at home.

Super snack size. Treats are not the enemy, just the amount you have. Try buying snack size candy bars, serving soda beverages in small glasses and when eating out split the fries.
Monitor the screen. The TV and computer are screens that are constantly on in many houses. Set a daily time limit on the amount of time spent in front of the screens. And compliment that time with an equal amount of outdoor activity each day. Keep your day in balance. Play with your kids. It’s good for you too!

Smart Snacks for the Whole Family

Simple snacking for kids and parents. Kids can make these snacks on their own. Keep the house filled with easy to make and eat snacks for the kids to grab. If you have it in your home, they’ll eat it!
Ø Cup of low fat yogurt
Ø Bowl of whole grain cereal
Ø Cheese stick
Ø Handful of nuts
Ø Fruits
Ø Dried fruit
Ø Baby carrots and celery sticks
Ø Graham crackers with peanut butter
Ø Applesauce
Ø Salsa and baked tortilla chips
Ø Popcorn
Ø Grilled chicken sliced (hot or cold)

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